Why Should You Start an HR Lab?

Why Should You Start an HR Lab?

When the word ‘lab’ comes to mind, it is a place where you try new things, or you take what is being presented and tweak them a little. Now when it comes to HR lab, it can be implemented too. There are many times where you would have to spend time pondering on a policy or a procedure, or you want to test out a new idea on a certain group, before applying it company-wide. Here are more reasons suggested by a marketing communications agency on why you should invest in starting an HR lab.

  1. An HR Lab could be used as a focus group for new ideas.

There are many times when your senior management discusses ideas with you. So, instead of maintaining a focus group, you can gather employees together in an HR lab interaction. Investing in an HR lab brand can help in setting the level of expectation that the group can discuss anything, but that doesn’t mean your ideas will be approved.

  1. The HR department could test out a policy change in the HR Lab.

There will be many times when you wondered an establishment of a policy for a certain aspect, or the updating of the existing policies. Procedures and policies never make everyone happy, but you can try out the prospective changes in your new HR lab. It is deemed essential to provide employees total freedom with zero repercussions to share their feedback about the proposed change.

  1. The company’s HR Lab could be the pilot group for new programs.

Our minds tend to believe that pilot groups are for training programs. You can use an HR lab for any kind of change you want to bring to your business. If the HR is wanting to establish a new program, you can lab test drive it for a certain period and offer feedback. Then, you can finalize the program. In other words, the companies need to make sure that the employees aren’t losing anything while working in and on the lab.

  1. The HR Lab could be the first group in phased implementations.

Admit it, there are many times when your company doesn’t have the time or resources to implement a pilot and a phased implementation. The HR lab could be a perfect place to begin with when it comes to procedures or policies to be implemented. And as always, offer full freedom to the employees and offer unfiltered feedback and make sure that no one is losing anything in the process while helping out the company.