Why Prefer Foam Jacking Rather Than Mud Jacking Method For Concrete Lifting

Why Prefer Foam Jacking Rather Than Mud Jacking Method For Concrete Lifting

People have been using mud jacking method in order to lift settled concrete surface, since 1930. This is accomplished by pumping cement-based slurry beneath the damaged or cracked concrete slab. This process is also known as slab jacking.

Nowadays, a new method has been invented where concrete slabs are raised by using polyurethane foam concrete lifting method, which is also called foam jacking method. If you look at the cost aspects, then foam jacking may come out to be little expensive as compared to mud jacking. However, foam jacking offers plenty of benefits. Let’s understand why most of the contractors suggest opting for foam jacking method to repair broken or cracked concrete slabs.

  • Raising the concrete by using polyurethane foam is much cleaner method

In case of mud jacking, you need to transport all the necessary material to the site where repair work has to be carried out. The slurry is then prepared and then it is pumped under the concrete surface. There can be spills, which need to be cleaned after the job is done. However, the mud jacking method may create lots of mess around the site.

On the other hand, foam jacking is much cleaner process where an equipment is used that contains polyurethane foams which is usually sealed. It gets connected to repaired area mechanically and there are no chances of it spilling or causing a mess.

  • Foam jacking is lesser disruptive

In case of mud jacking it is necessary to drill holes within a distance of two to four feet with diameter around 2 inches. After the mud jacking process is done you need to give at least 24 hours for curing. Make sure that there is foot traffic allowed till then.

In case of foam jacking, there is a need for drilling hole but they are usually ½ inch in diameter. It can be done quietly without any disturbing noise. Injecting polyurethane takes very little time. As soon as, the process is complete foot traffic is allowed and also vehicle can mover over the concrete surface. There is no need to wait for curing.

  • Polyurethane is much lighter material

As compared to various slurry materials used for mud jacking, the polyurethane foam is too light and reduces lots of burden.

Thus, you can see that foam jacking is much more efficient and cleaner process for raising a collapsed concrete surface.