Using Storytelling to Increase Sales Figures

Using Storytelling to Increase Sales Figures

One way to increase your sales figures is by connecting with your customers through the power of storytelling. It is a great way to truly engage with a single person that you are talking to with a view of making a sale, and when it is used company wide it can also become part of the wider strategy. Good storytelling is vital within any industry. It connects leaders with employees; sales staff with customers and creates a story that is worth telling, encouraging relationships that last for years.

A good story, and in turn a good way to sell, is to put forward a point that you’d like to make. Next, you should follow that up with a story that confirms and proves that point, and lastly, end with a metaphor that looks at your point in a slightly different way, reinforcing the message that you wish to portray.

At every level of sales you should enforce your message with this style of story. Should this style of storytelling only be used to sell direct to a potential customer though? Not at all, you can create clear stories and pathways when hiring staff members, and indeed when training existing staff.

Let’s take a look at the idea of using storytelling to hire and train staff members in a bit more detail. The last thing you want from your staff is to hire people that are only there to perform to the bare minimum standard. Those that only turn up to collect their pay at the end of the week or month will never truly believe in the vision that you have put forward when hiring them. This, of course, translates into performance levels and the perception that your customers have of your business. Tell a story when hiring, and when training existing staff. Reinforce main themes and points in a fun way that is clear to understand and is more likely to garner respect and excitement at the possibility of working for your organisation.

An employee who is happy in their role and understands the story behind the products and services they are attempting to sell, is more likely to stay working for your company for the long-term, progress through the ranks and be successful. In the short-term they are also much more likely to be successful at selling to your customers.

If they understand the story that defines your brand and specific products and services, this will transmit easily to the customer that just needs a little nudge in most cases to complete a purchase. A compelling story is a way of making your business stand out from the crowd, offering something different to your competitors and remaining at the forefront of the minds of potential customers and of your loyal customers when they are considering recommending certain products or services to friends, family members and colleagues in the future.

There is always a story to tell, so dig deep, find your truth and you’ll soon find it helpful in the blossoming of your sales figures.