A Guide on Color Psychology in Business

A Guide on Color Psychology in Business

Admit it, we are living in a world where snap judgments are made on the basis of looks. No matter if it’s our hairstyle, shirts, shoes etc. our choices say a lot about us especially in the professional environment. The ensemble we choose, sends out subtle messages that interpret our personalities. Colors tend to evoke behavioral, emotional, and physical responses. It also sends out positive or negative messages. The very same goes for our business photography pictures.

This article focuses on the color psychology in the business department. Read on.

  1. Black

It is a strong color for business portraits near me. This color is deemed versatile and timeless which sends out a strong sense of power, elegance, sophistication, control and authority. In an office, black is worn to convey an authoritative image or protect emotions. But, an overdone black color overwhelms people.

  1. White

White tends to convey safety, strength, completion and neutrality. Wear white when trying to seem optimistic and balanced. But wearing too much white can result in seeming cold and isolated.

  1. Red

Red tends to evoke power, excitement, energy and passion. It makes people’s heart pound faster. You should wear red when you are willing to be assertive. Prevent it when you are feeling nervous or looking to avoid attention.

  1. Purple

Dark purple evokes elegance, class, authority, and a regal demeanor. Men look perfect with a deep burgundy jacket to give a refined yet highly classy impression. Women seem strong, confident and powerful in a deep purple jacket, blouse or suit.

  1. Green

Do you know why they call the celeb’s room as the ‘green’ room, this is because green is a color of calm and relaxation. Wear green when trying to ease people in your workplace. Green also signifies nature, growth, luck, and balance.

  1. Blue

Blue signifies structure, authority, dependability, communication, loyalty, and trust. Put on blue when exuding power, mental control, conservative, respected or convey an important message. Don’t wear it when sad and depressed. When choosing a tie, go for blue as it gives away a classic professional feel and can be worn in a global business environment.

  1. Yellow

This color signifies intelligence, inspiration and a rational state of mind. This also indicates a person who can focus easily and is consistent as well as logical. It also bears positive signs via political fashion as well.